Gay Pornstar Cliff Jensen

Cliff Jensen‘The Gay Office’ brings you great office fantasies from, with high quality pictures and amazing sound. They also show you some of the best men in the porn industry today. This is the second episode in a thrilling and horny series, starring Flex and Cliff Jensen.
Cliff Jensen was in the first episode of this hardcore series and it is his job to find out who the mole is in his work place. In the last episode he fucked Denis Vega only to find out that he isn’t the mole. His mission now is to fuck as many men in the office to find out who really is the mole, even if he has to fuck every single man there.
Cliff Jensen is a bearded man with a lean and hard body covered in bear fur. He is a versatile top with a lovely eight inch thick cut cock, he is six feet tall with brown hair and sparkling emerald green eyes. And he loves going to the gym, playing tennis and going out dancing.
Flex is another hairy man with a well chiselled body after many sweaty hours spent in the gym. He is a versatile top with a seven inch uncut cock. He is five foot eight inches tall, weighs 198 pounds, had black hair and has seductive brown eyes. He has been in six flicks with, and his first one was back in January 2015. Called ‘Good Morning love’, it also starred Denis Vega.

The Apartment Part 1

‘Drill My Hole’ proves that getting a new apartment can really open up a whole new life. You finish signing on that dotted line. The new place is yours, away from everybody you have always known. It’s a whole new beginning. You sit back and relax in just your dressing gown, there is a knock on the door you go and answer it. Standing right in front of you is a good looking man from upstairs. He has tried to find the landlord as he has a problem with his water supply. He says he is desperate for a shower. What do you do? Good looking hunk Luke Adams can not only tell you exactly what he did, he can show you what happened when he answered the door to tattooed Cliff Jensen.

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Luke Adams is a very cute and horny versatile bottom with a fantastic fuckable tight ass. He is five foot seven with a seven inch cut dick. He has short brown hair, and seductive green eyes. He has been in 13 flicks so far with and he is one to watch if you like young hunky men. He did especially well in ‘My Two Daddies Parts 1, 2 and 3’ where he gets fucked by all sorts of rugged muscular men viewed by well over 60,000 people.

Cliff Jensen, who says one of his hobbies is jerking off, is no stranger in front of the camera either. He has been in nineteen movies so far and at six feet three inches tall with an eight inch cut cock I am not surprised. He is a great top with brown hair and beautiful green eyes. He has starred in some of the most popular hardcore flicks on this site. 198, 693 people watched him Jeyden Studley’s tight ass in ‘Jock Stalker’ and another 139,002 horny men saw him in ‘The Slammers BTS’ with Christian Wilde, Gavin waters and Philip Aubrey in a great orgy scene.
So, back to Luke Adams’ spanking new apartment. He looks at Cliff Jensen standing at the door and invites him in. It’s ok, no problem, he tells him as they are neighbours. He takes him into the bathroom, giving him a towel he tells Cliff that if he needs anything, just ask, he will be in the next room.
Cliff gets naked and turns on the water. He looks around and calls Luke asking him where the soap is. Luke comes in and goes under the sink. As he looks up he finds himself staring at Cliff’s dick.

‘Dude, you have such a big dick,’ Adam says with a big smile as he looks up at him. (Well, you would wouldn’t you?) He holds his hand out suggestively. Cliff answers with ‘Do you mind?’ Not having to be asked twice, and being the good cock sucker he is, Luke wraps his lips around that big dick and starts to give him a great blow job.
They move into the bedroom where Cliff lies on his back and they begin to take turns sucking on each other’s excited erections. With Cliff still lying down on his back, Luke squats over him lowering his ass onto Cliff’s waiting dick. Luke feels his asshole spread wide open as Cliff’s dick pierces his twitching crack. Luke feels pleasure and pain rip through his body as his tight hole gets stretched to the limit. He loves it as he bounces up and down feeling all eight inches deep inside him banging against his prostate.
They change positions and as Cliff Jensen fucks Luke Adams’ sweet ass hard and fast, Luke bites onto the sheet to try and stop himself from waking up the whole neighborhood with his cries of animal passion. Luke can hardly contain himself when Cliff starks smacking his ass. Guessing that Luke won’t be able to hold back much longer, Cliff puts him on his back and continues fucking him as he looks into his red face.

Luke Adams strokes on his own cock sending his hot spunk all over his smooth, firm stomach. Has hasn’t even finished when Cliff Jensen tenses and shoots his own cum mixing it up with Luke’s.
I can’t wait to see Part 2 and beyond as Luke gets introduced to the whole block of neighbours, and let’s hope his landlord rents out more apartments to guys like this.

Lower My Tuition

If you’re looking for some of the best, hottest, and most hardcore gay porn available on the web then look no further than Men dot com, recently featured on Drill my hole. These hot videos will be sure to have your cock rock hard within moments as some of the youngest, hottest porn actors drill each other like crazy on screen.
The video of the day is called ‘Lower My Tuition’ and it stars experienced porn model, the sexy Ari Sylvio, whose hot videos have been featured on Drill my Hole nineteen times! Opposite him is the new hot topic and hot top at, Cliff Jensen. This is his first ever appearance for Men dot com
Things start off innocently, with just two guys playing singles together, but they get interesting fast when Ari Sylvio slips and hurts his ankle. Cliff Jensen takes his friend back to the nearby physic therapy room to relax and heal his hurt ankle. Aristrips naked and lies down face first on the massage table and Cliff starts to massage Jake’s wounded leg but soon moves up his body, moving into a full on, full body massage.
Cliff’s hands start to explore Jake’s hot, tight ass and Arilets out a moan of pleasure. Cliff continues to massage Jake’s ass, running a finger down between his tight, muscled ass cheeks and playing with Jake’s little asshole. Cliff fingers Jake’s ass for a while and bot of their cocks get rock hard.
Cliff then strips naked and Aristarts to greedily suck on his hard, throbbing cock while still lying down on the massage table. Cliff throws back his head and moans as Jake’s tongue explores his hard cock and tight balls, showing off his trembling toned and muscled chest and abs in the process.
The pair of singles start to suck on each other’s cocks and lick one another’s assholes. This gets really heated and both boys start to moan as they lick the tips of each other’s throbbing penises and spend time licking, sucking and pleasuring one another’s sensitive balls.
Cliff proves that while this may be his first video, he is an expert at pounding ass, as he slides his rock hard cock into Jake’s little hole and starts fucking him roughly on the massage table. They both start moaning as the scene gets hotter and more intense and the boys both get closer and closer to cumming. He drills Arion his back until he can’t take it anymore and pulls out, shooting massive spurts of cum all over Jake’s abs and chest. The scene finishes off with Aristill dripping and covered in Cliff’s cum, jerking himself off until he climaxes hard and empties a huge load from his tight balls and big, throbbing cock.

Locker Room Explorations with Cliff Jensen and Ryan Sharp

Tall, toned and tattooed Cliff watches as girlie smooth Ryan Sharp gets out of his clothes and into his jockstrap, ready for their two mile run. He’s got his eyes on his ass for some reason and can’t quite work out why. Not until Ryan suggests that his ass is sweeter than Cliff’s girl’s. Well, you’ve just got to test that kind of challenge and that’s exactly what Cliff does. First a touch on soft flesh, then a slap and squeeze, but he’s still not sure. So, what’s a cute twink to do but take things to his own hands, and his straight mate’s cock not his own mouth. Cliff’s not complaining and is soon hard and loving it.

Getting his long, lithe body naked, he fucks the twink’s throat, gets his shaft licked and worshiped, realising just what hot pleasure a man-mouth is. Being the fair kind of guy he is he reciprocates, getting Ryan’s jockstrap off him and going down on the guys’ cut cock. The locker room is soon filed with the sounds of slurping pleasure as these two hot, fit studs go for it.

And then, just when he wants it, Ryan gets his ass well fucked by his buddy. That hard and straight cock drills his hole up against the lockers, flesh slaps against flesh, the guys groan in ecstasy as Ryan rides Cliff Jensen eight inches on the bench, backwards, forwards, taking it all the way in while stroking his own meat over Cliff’s flat stomach. And then Cliff flips him onto his back, lifts his legs pounds that twink ass with his meat making Ryan cum on his own chest. Cliff’s jizz soon joins it, thick and creamy. No need for the full run now, they’ve had their workout.

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Cliff Jensen and Kirk Cummings

Kirk Cummings constantly gets precisely what he wants and at this time it happens to be the straight guy kissing with his roomie inside the bar photo booth. Cliff Jensen did not actually know exactly how he wound up inside the photo booth, one second he would just be sitting near bar and the very next a few chicks is pulling him directly into a booth and blowing his penis. Cliff is never a person to protest about acquiring a gay porn blowjob, but he will need more space than simply a photo booth to correctly bust his load and ends an opportunity encounter. Still naughty with a half hard cock, Cliff goes to the lavatory to take a piss, noticing his opportunity Kirk follows Cliff, planning on picking up just where his friend left off.

Cliff Jensen – Ryan Sharp

Cliff Jensen and Ryan Sharp’s locker area guy talk in regards to girl’s ass leads directly into a hot hookup. Watch these hot men fucking eachother hard.

Cliff Jensen and Chris Tyler

Cliff Jensen and his buddy Chris Tyler possess a extremely competitive solidarity, frequently pressing each other to go at a faster rate, heavier and be more potent. Today Cliff and Chris are learning “take downs” at a nearby MMA gym and Chris is undoubtedly putting on a good show. Whenever Cliff grapples, Chris tends to find the upper hand, pissing off Cliff within the concept. Chris happens to be taking advantage of Cliff, squeezing him while he’s stapled to the pad. A wave of epinephrine hits Cliff providing him sufficient power to put Chris into a headlock right by Cliff’s wet cock – Chris is mostly about to get a mouthful of simple cock.